About Collin Park

Families have members that have diverse interests – and planning a day trip or an extended vacation experience can present a challenge for those who want to keep everyone happy. This can be especially true when some members of the family want to stay on dry land and others want to explore some of the wonderful stretches of water in Texas and beyond.

Fortunately for those who are visiting the Wylie area of the Lone Star State, there is the perfect destination that will keep everyone in the party happy – Collin Park. Collin Park is managed by the folks at the Marina and boasts a huge number of amenities to make the experience of a day out as satisfying as possible.

For those who want to enjoy the freedom of the open road and some great RV campground facilities or the outdoors experience of camping out Collin Park has a number of options. Camping can be especially rewarding given the close proximity of the (admittedly limited) number of campsites that are very close to the lakeside water’s edge.

The beach is one of the most picturesque in the region and the vast number of activities available to those who want to experience the beach makes each day a new adventure. Experience volleyball courts, horse riding trails, picnic tables and facilities, kiddies playgrounds and wonderful sand beaches for those who want to simply take a dip in the cooling waters of the lake.

Those who want to experience some great cuisine will be spoiled for choice at the ‘Harbor House Floating Restaurant & Club’. Overlooking the lake and oozing opportunities for relaxing the menu selection is fabulous. From family favorites like burgers and fine steaks and weekend fun courtesy of a live band experience.

For those who want to get out and about on the water, boat rentals are available to those who want to enjoy daily and hourly rates. Variety is the spice of life. You can try out jet skis, ski boats, pontoon and party platforms as well as boats that will allow avid fisherman to plumb the depths in search of that perfect trophy. The Collin Park Marina offers everything that the avid water sports lover could possibly want.

If you are the vicinity of Wylie in Texas take some time out to enjoy a day of great family-friendly fun at Collin Park – it is a great place to simply relax and throw off the stresses of everyday life.

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