About Avalon Park

If you are ready for some summer fun, there is no better place to visit than Avalon Park in Wylie, Texas. Located on the southern edge of Lake Lavon, the park offers plenty of fun activities for people of all ages, making it a great place for families and friends to spend time enjoying the outdoors together.

For a simple afternoon adventure, why not have a barbecue at the park? There are covered picnic tables located throughout the park, meaning that you can enjoy the outdoors while escaping the heat of the sun. Nothing beats enjoying delicious food while taking in the views of the lake, which is located directly next to the park.

If you are looking for something a little bit quieter, there are a lot of large trees throughout the park. Why not spread a blanket on the ground under a tree and relax with a good book? Nothing quite compares to reading outdoors. There is something almost magical about getting lost in a good book with the sounds of nature around you and the feel of a gentle breeze on your skin.

Of course, there is also plenty of excitement to be had at the park. If you enjoy boating, there is a public boat launch available for a small additional fee. If you are boating past the park, there is also a dock where you can tie up so that you can enjoy the amenities of the park before heading off on your way again.

If you enjoy swimming, there are plenty of opportunities to take a dip in the beautiful water of the lake. There is a small beach where you can either stretch out in the sun and catch some rays or hop into the water to cool off. There is no better way to beat the heat of a Texas summer than by going for a swim in the lake.

One of the best things about Avalon Park in Wylie, Texas is that it isn’t quite as crowded as some of the other parks located around Lake Lavon. That means that it is a lot easier to find open tables or to enjoy some peace and quiet without having to battle the crowds.

All in all, this park has a lot to offer. If you have never visited before, it is definitely worth giving it a shot. Whether you want to barbecue, read a book in the shade, head out on a boating adventure, or go for a swim, there are plenty of fun activities to enjoy.

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