About Elmer W. Oliver Nature Park

The Elmer W. Oliver Nature Park is easily accessible from the major transport feeder systems such as the US287 and TX36 running close to Mansfield in Texas – making it the perfect destination for a day trip with family or friends. its 80 acres are ripe for exploration. here visitors can enjoy unspoiled vistas and a wealth of flora and fauna. Including ecosystems such as a multitude of ponds, creeks, as well as prairie and forest habitats. Each of these is home to unique species like turtles, ducks, frogs, and herons.

The perfect spot to take in the natural experience of these diverse habitats is to snatch the opportunity to spend some time taking in the view from treetop level at the ‘Treehouse Outlook’. Here visitors take a bird’s eye view of Walnut Creek. For an up-close inspection of just why paleontologists spend so much time in this part of Texas a stroll to take in the geological formations laid down in the Cretaceous period along Rocky Ford is highly recommended.

It is the wonderful natural attractions that are part and parcel of the Oliver Nature Park that keep visitors coming back again and again. Visiting the Park is an experience that never gets old. depending on the season the visitor is exposed to rolling fields of Prairie Grass and blankets of wildflowers – both of which as best enjoyed from the vantage point of the ‘Flood Plain Boardwalk.’

For bird lovers spotting and listing species is a pastime that brings its own rewards – rewards that are made easier to discover due to the two comfortable bird blinds that are well positioned on the forest paths that allow for almost unending exploration of natural wonder. This is a place that will reward both casual exploration and the more determined efforts of the seasoned hiker – who can take in around two miles of (pet-friendly) crushed gravel paths.

For families, the availability of four picnic tables provides the perfect setting for those who simply want to recharge those tired batteries and spend some quality time with those near and dear. The tables are alongside the two fully stocked ponds (and within easy reach of the restrooms) – this is where fishermen can enjoy their chosen pastime in surroundings that calm and uplift.

A visit to Oliver Nature Park is the perfect opportunity to escape from the city and revel in the joy of nature. Set aside some quality Texas time to simply relax.

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