About Rowlett Creek Preserve

Nestled in Garland, Texas is a wonderful natural refuge from the stresses of modern city life. The Rowlett Creek Preserve is a multiple use public park found where Castle Drive and Centerville Road cross. The Park attracts those who want to explore unspoiled wilderness – as well as the flora and fauna of the area – but also want to be in easy reach of Garland’s other attractions.

The Park is extremely popular with hikers, runners, as well as Mountain Bikers. part of the attraction is the ability to mix it up over 16 miles of trails which meander through the Park and offer almost unlimited potential to nature lovers and those in search of an unspoiled destination where the pursuit of fitness becomes a pleasure.

The opportunity to combine the loops of the various trails means that those who enjoy the Rowlett Creek experience can do it in a way that best suits their objectives. Take a one-mile meander or spend a few hours taking the even more scenic route of the full 16-mile experience. The complexity of the combinations may make it confusing for newcomers – so it may be a great idea to get a trail map or take along a local when visiting for the first time. However, that said the map is marked in a similar manner to ski resort runs – green for easy – ranging to black for those who want that extra level of challenge.

Mountain bikers are offered an exciting yet accessible experience with trails that alternate between dappled tree-lined sections and then the more technical twists and turns of trails that will test both intermediate and experienced Mountain Bikers. For those who want to explore the hiking potential of the trails, it is useful to know that your canine companion is welcome to accompany you – but must be on a leash and under control at all times.

Taking a little more time to explore the area reveals that there is a gazebo and two picnic areas – and a single charcoal barbecue – so if you are intending to explore your potential as an outdoor culinary expert its best to get to the Park early. However, there are also food outlets within about half a mile of the Park entrance – so bringing something ready-made is always an option. Watch the littering – rules are strict.

If you are Garland – take some time off to appreciate the finer things in life – and get to Rowlett Creek Preserve.

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