Oakridge Neighborhood

The Oakridge neighborhood in Garland, Texas started in 1982 and has turned into a desirable area to live. You will find affordable homes and excellent schools. If you have a family and you are looking for a home that you can afford, Oakridge could be the place you want to live.

Many families move to this neighborhood for the schools. The public schools have top ratings so parents can send their kids to public school and save money by not having to send their children to private schools. The neighborhood is very safe and it has a friendly feel with welcoming neighbors.

There are lots of kids in the neighborhood so your kids will always have playmates to spend time with. It is easy to walk to parks and playgrounds. The area has lots of places to shop and you don’t have to drive far to get to the activities that you like.

Housing is affordable, and there are homes in all price ranges so you can easily find a home that you can afford and that is going to work for your family. You have lots of choices and there are always new homes you can choose from. This neighborhood is a desirable place to be if you have kids and your kids are going to enjoy living in this neighborhood.

When you are looking for excellent schools and you want to live somewhere that is safe and welcoming, take a look at Oakridge. You will feel right at home in this neighborhood and there are plenty of reasons to consider making this your home. The combination of good schools and welcoming people makes this neighborhood a good choice for anyone who wants to live in an affordable home in a friendly place. Make Oakridge your new home today.

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