About NickelRama

Finding a suitable venue for that special event has always been a challenge. Whether it is for a group of adults or a place to host that special, memorable birthday party the choices available can be confusing in the extreme. What patrons want is a place that supplies fun for the curious minds of the young, safety and entertainment – or a venue where team building exercises pay dividends for both individuals and business.

So where better than NickelRama in Garland TX– where the promise of the perfect arcade experience comes to vivid life. There’s no buying tokens or charging smart cards to play. Simply insert that nickel or two and away you go on a trip to a destination of imagination. You and those in search of fun will also have access to air hockey tables and old school (as well as modern themed) pinball experiences.

If you – or your party are looking for classic arcade game choice (the largest flay screen Pac Man experience available anyone?) or want to hunt for that special prize at the ticket dispensing games of skill – NickelRama has exactly the experience that you will want to immerse yourself in. Unlike some of the newer arcade operators, the folk at NickelRama have been supplying quality entertainment options for around two decades

NickelRama also has facilities that allow even larger groups to really stretch out and relax. At a price of $69,95 for a row of tables and two hours to chill (and larger groups can also be accommodated), NickelRama offers exceptional value. A NickelRama experience allows those organizing the party to enjoy their own personal style and save money). Bring in your own cakes, other refreshments, as well as personalized able (and other) decorations and make that party something extra special.

With Dallas under 30 minutes away, each of the two NickelRama locations in Garland are perfect for that party experience. It doesn’t matter if it is a church or youth group (in fact youth groups can enjoy some extra special discounts), a group of sports supporters or simply a crowd wanting to enjoy some good clean fun in a safe and secure environment everyone is welcome at NickelRama.

So if you want to let your hair down and simply relax plan your next special event in the professional company of the folks from NickelRama – you’ll be glad you made the choice to enjoy an arcade experience that really does offer it all.

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