About Firewheel Town Center

Within a stone’s throw of Dallas, Garland, Texas is a destination that is rich in opportunities to explore a vibrant art scene, fabulous retail outlets and a some of the best dining destinations in the State. Garland is attracting property investors who want to enjoy the wonderful open spaces of Texas – as well as that famed Texas hospitality. However, the magic of Garland also encompasses the opportunity to enjoy some outdoor spaces. There are around 2,800 acres of parks and public areas in the area – including two water parks that are the ideal attractions for those who want to beat the Texas heat. Add to this the attraction of world-class golf opportunities and the lifestyle at Garland offers something for everyone.

However, if the visitor is looking to explore great retail experiences including dining opportunities, take in a movie or simply grab the chance to spend some quality time with friends and family Firewheel Town Center has it all. With international and domestic outlets like Aeropostale, Hot Topic, Old Navy and Macy’s (among many, many others) this is the perfect destination for a refreshing seasonal fashion reinvention.

Firewheel Town Center is also the perfect place to relax and watch the world go by while enjoying great food outlets which feature menus that vary between family-friendly, fun or fine dining. Those who are visiting Firewheel Town Center and want to enjoy a culinary style that has put Texas on the map (with a great Mediterranean twist) taking some time to pull up a chair at the Ferah Tex-Med Kitchen – this is where the Med meets South of the Border. Or get under the skin of what makes the casual dining scene in Texas tick at Pete’s Burgers, Wings & Drinks. As the name suggests this is relaxed food at its Texan best. Fabulous food, great prices. Or hit up the authentic Tex Mex inspired attractions at Gloria’s Mexican style Restaurant. It offers a new twist on Tex Mex by applying the fresh ingredients and new tastes by involving a healthy dollop of Salvadorian influence. Great margaritas, a jug of sangria or a refreshing mojito round off the perfect culinary exploration.

If you are in the vicinity of Firewheel Town Center in Garland take some time off to relax and enjoy some wonderful Texas hospitality. The Center offers that perfect mix between retail satisfaction, fun and excitement to everyone that has ever wondered just what makes Texas such a special place.

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