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The 2,500-square-foot TrainTopia Museum of the American Railroad is a miniature railroad odyssey. The museum’s brochure describes it as “a railroad odyssey in miniature.” The exhibit puts half a dozen trains into motion, chugging through tunnels and desert landscapes. Those who visit must make time to explore the 2,500-square-foot exhibit, which features over 100 displays.

The Museum of the American Railroad is located in Frisco, Texas, and features over 2,500 square feet of G-scale model railways. You can even ride trains overhead. The staff at the museum knows everything about the trains, so a trip there is guaranteed to be an educational and fun experience. Regardless of whether you are traveling with children or are an adult who enjoys trains, you won’t be disappointed. There’s something for everyone.

The museum is dedicated to sharing the history and development of American railroading through artistic and educational programming. It’s a fantastic place for family outings and children’s birthday parties. Children will love the 2,500-square-foot TrainTopia exhibit and will be amazed by all the railroad model railroads. There’s even a drive-in movie theater and bustling city streets for you to see. For even more fun, there’s also a train track for outdoor play.

When visiting the museum, don’t forget your camera. Volunteers are the biggest source of labor. Volunteers are highly encouraged to assist in the museum’s operations, and training is provided. If you love trains, you’ll find your perfect role at the museum. You can enjoy the museum’s exhibits while getting your hands dirty! But make sure to bring plenty of water. And be sure to protect yourself from the sun’s UV rays!

The museum’s collection of steam locomotives includes the famous Big Boy steam engine, which was built in the 1940s. This locomotive weighs over a million pounds, with wheels more than six feet tall. If you’re looking for a more hands-on experience, don’t miss the Steam Locomotive Museum of the American Railroad. You’ll never be bored again. There’s something for everyone at TrainTopia.

IRM operations are centered around the main campus east of Union, Illinois. The trolleybus loop is available for train rides during select weekends. Electric trains operate in the main line from April through October and diesel and steam trains run in the beginning of May through September. On weekends, Memorial Day and Independence Day, and Labor Day and Bus Day, trolleybus service is limited. You’ll only have the chance to enjoy the trolleybus once in a while, so don’t delay your visit!

Getting the layout from Sanders’ garage to TrainTopia was not easy. The museum had to break down the layout into sections, which the team had to lift through a second-floor window. The donated collection was featured on the Fox Business reality show Strange Inheritance. Wartman’s main task now is to fill in gaps between sections and reconnect miles of wiring. Ultimately, it will take several years to put the layout together.

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